We Love This Place Snow Much

A lot of people have been wondering how we are holding up since the big snow storm came through. Overall we got a about 2 feet of snow, and with the snow drifts that followed, it was by far the most snow I’ve seen at once in my lifetime. A lot of people here have said the same.

It pretty much crippled Livno for a few days. The plows could not keep up and there really is no place to put all the snow now. School has been cancelled since Friday afternoon and plans to be cancelled until Monday. We’ve managed to keep some kind of schedule, but most of this week has been digging out cars, shoveling streets and foot paths, and staying warm from the sub zero temps and around -20F wind chills!

The whole country got pounded and we were apparently on the softer side of storm. Sarajevo got about 3 feet! Even the sea city of Split got about 6 inches. They rarely, rarely get snow. So, this made for craziness there, too.

There is beginning to be a shortage of food and diesel as the trucks can’t get in to replenish. We went on an egg hunt (literally) last night and today and thankfully I filled up our car Monday night.

A city in our county has been completely closed off since Friday. No cars in or out. Our city is the county seat and most come to our hospital. Some people needed to get dialysis this weekend. They were loaded into a bulldozer and made the 20 mile journey up and over one of the mountain surrounding the city, only find the roads drifted over before they could return.

The roads are scrapped now and more cars are out (even though there are many less parking spaces in town). It was beautiful coming down, fun to play in, and now a mess to clean up. More is expected to fall this weekend. I innately pray for snow. I am not sure if I am excited about more falling or just hoping it will pass us over!

Below are some pics and a video that I shot yesterday as my colleague, Josh, and I walked around upper town. The gusts were deafening. Icicles in the beard just walking around. Enjoy the pics and know that we are all ok!