Who Knew?

My name is Adam. I am from NC and still trying to figure out where I stand politically, but I am not sure its represented by either domninant party. I went to university in SC and recently turned 30. I worked at a protestant church in NC for 3 years.

In may 2006 I moved to Livno, Bosnia and worked for a humanitarian organization. We were able to teach English, offer computer classes, use our office as a library and resource center for teachers and students, as well as work with teams from America to remodel classrooms in one of our local primary schools. I stayed in Livno for 16 months and in September of 2007 I moved back to America. I moved to Aston, PA, 10 miles or so south of Philadelphia. I moved there to be a part of a community/church that is doing some amazing things for the kingdom. I am married to the most amazing woman ever and we own a home in downtown Indy. There are many times I cannot believe I pulled that one off. Krista was a nurse at a children’s hospital in Indy is actually the one who purchased our house.  She is way out of my league. We were married in 2008 in Indy and now we are constantly looking for a way to do good things and love people in my immediate community.

Krista and I just moved back to Bosnia, working with the same organization that we did before.  This time, our stay is indefinite and we are taking our boy, Xavier with us!  We are excited and sad to leave our home and start our family in another country.  However, our love for people and belief in restoration around the world takes us to a country that fits our personalities.

After that, my world is wide open. I do enjoy watching and playing sports. I love Bayern, the Tarheels and the Dolphins. For me there is nothing better than a good discussion over a cup of coffee. I enjoy reading books, magazines, and newspapers alike. Music is my world. I cannot describe the feelings i have when certain songs cross my ears. I have recently gotten into running and I am so excited to accomplish things that i used to really hate. I am passionate about helping people and for me the Gospel of Jesus Christ should always come wrapped up in a physical gift to give someone (white collar, blue collar, and no collar alike…i try to remain collar blind).

I hope that my life will continue to glorify my God and others will experience true freedom and hope in Jesus Christ. As my good buddy Boywer said, I try to love Jesus, but I suck at it. However, He is teaching me so much about who He is and what that can mean to me and to others around me.


3 Responses to Who Knew?

  1. Marina says:

    Short but sweet: U go, Adam! Welcome back!

  2. Don Morris says:

    God bless you both.

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